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Digital Marketing Management Training Courses Highlights

Digital Marketing Management Training Modules

Intro to Digital Marketing
To start off the digital marketing management training program we will cover the basics. History, glossary, skills, competencies, strategy and other introductory topics related to digital marketing.
Social Media Marketing
Platforms, strategies, engaging audience, monitoring
Website Management
Content management systems, themes, plugins, users, customization
Content Marketing
Types of content, strategies, optimization, formatting, blogging
Website Marketing
Business goals and systems alignment, integrations, channels, audience
Market Research
Tools and methods, database queries, surveys, A/B split testing
Search Engine Marketing
Submission, optimization, rankings
Digital Marketing Strategy Project
Plan and develop, or optimize, a digital marketing strategy for your business

This training will help you understand what’s involved in digital marketing today and the technology used to get the best results. Cut through the clutter, make informed decisions. Start learning how to better manage your own digital marketing strategy in-house!

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Government Supported Training Grants

Your business may qualify for a government grant!

The Bizolver Digital Marketing Management Certified Training programs are accepted types of business training for various government programs. If your application is approved your business could get a portion of the cost reimbursed of your total training course investment! Complete the form above to see if you meet the requirements in order to apply. Or click the button below to further discuss. Let’s get started on empowering you, your staff, and your organization!

Digital Marketing Management Training Courses FAQs

Who is digital marketing management training for?

This training was designed for individuals with a basic understanding of marketing, advertising, and sales and a desire to learn how to leverage modern technology and strategies. It is for employees looking to acquire new roles in their organization or enhance their current roles such as; admin and office staff/managers, marketing staff/managers, sales staff/managers, web developers, graphic designers, etc. It is also for entrepreneurs who are very hands-on or looking to save on corporate spending.

What will I learn from the digital marketing management courses?

  • General understanding of the technology related to digital marketing, advertising, and sales. Learn how it all comes together to generate a successful online presence
  • Create a basic strategic digital marketing plan to align with the organizational goals
  • Gain an understanding of how to apply the technological and strategic skills acquired
  • How to manage the overall digital marketing strategy on the long-term basis

What are the dates, times and location of the courses?

Together we choose the dates that work best for the both of us. The location of the training is typically your place of business. If this is not possible we can make other arrangements such as e-learning.

What are the methods to measure successful learning?

There will be short quizzes at the end of each module plus an end of course exam. Most importantly, there will be a project to develop or optimize the digital marketing strategy and leverage modern technology for your business.

What is my investment in the courses?

  • You may qualify for this course for one of the various government training grants which can cover a portion of course tuition and materials
  • The course will require approximately:
    • 32 hours for technical training
    • 4 hours for projects and assessments
    • Additional support hours will be available post-training to help guarantee your success
  • Pricing details can be found in the Pricing section at the end of this document

What is the return on my investment?

It starts with you gaining up-to-date, relevant, and clear information to bring you up to speed on the current trends that constantly reshape the business landscape. Using this technical training you can consider where your business is at currently, develop a strategy that makes sense for your business goals, take action and succeed! Outsourcing all of this type of work could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. Also, you are investing in modern skillsets that will enrich yours and your team’s performance and overall job satisfaction.

Business Training Client Testimonials

In meeting with Bizolver, I gained valuable insight concerning the performance of my website and the need to make changes to my digital marketing strategy.” 

Lori-Ann Dubiel

Moncton, NB, LA Admin

“Bizolver was an invaluable asset in the development of my digital strategy. I got help with website management training me how to add content, how to bring up my overall website rankings, and is very knowledgeable in digital marketing. I now realize there is much more to a website than just graphic design, and that simply making a website look pretty will not bring you traffic.”

Yann Boudreau

Sackville, NB, YMB Consulting

“Bizolver is an excellent business digital marketing trainer. I get helpful insights on my projects and was never hesitant to ask questions because the answers are always intuitive. I highly recommend Bizolver digital marketing training.” Kristy Edwards

Fredericton, NB, Cheesy Media

Working with Justin at Bizolver has provided me with professional digital marketing advice along with experienced assistance while creating my business plan. Bizolver truly cares about my business, Justin answered every question I had with facts and reports as back up and offered a wide variety of services to help lift my business to its maximum potential. I look forward to working with Bizolver again in the future.” 

Tairie Richard

Moncton, NB, Art Of Medic Tairie

“Bizolver is very knowledgeable about what goes on in the back side of a website and how to optimize web exposure. I now have a website that I know how to make changes on and also have a vision for my online presence. Bizolver coached, taught and simplified the process for me giving information in a one bite at a time approach.”

Therese Gallant

Moncton, NB, Therese Counselling

“Bizolver trained me on how to launch my business online.  They went beyond my expectations since they really helped put focus on the aspects that are important to me and my business. I am continuing to work with them on a monthly basis for managing and reporting on my website, marketing, and social media efforts. Very easy to work with and explains the technical stuff in a more understandable way. 

Nicole Hebert Leblanc

Buctouche, NB, Soul Psychology

“The digital marketing management training from Bizolver was great! Justin was easy to work with and was flexible with my schedule. The knowledge I gained in digital marketing has resulted in a sharp increase in views to my website. Thank you!”


Todd Gallant

Charlottetown, PE, Lazer IZ

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