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Website Hosting

Get a powerful, proven hosting platform that’s perfect for hosting your business websites. The best part is, you are in full control!


Self-Controlled Business Website Hosting

Top 6 reasons to choose a self-controlled website hosting package

Zero mark-up on hosting

Most web designers / web developers will want to control the hosting of your website. The main reason is so that they have full and complete access to all aspects of your website. Another reason is they are able to get developer accounts with hosting companies. Another way is by building their own in-house servers. These are both legit approaches to doing business. They do add a certain amount of convenience as well. However, there is a price to pay for people’s time. For the most part, the best bang for your buck would be a self hosted business website Premium or Pro option.

Budget friendly flexible plans

With a self controlled hosting option you can always start small while your budget is small. Experiencing a growth spurt in your business? At any time you can login and upgrade your package. Although we always recommend the Pro or Premium options for the best value, you start were you are comfortable.

No middleman causing delays

Let’s face it, most successful web developers are not serving just one customer. As they grow they get more and more busy. The result is slower and slower service response and completion. For some folks, this isn’t a big deal. For most, it is! When you have a self-controlled hosting package you take action when you want to take action. Don’t have time? Engage your web developer or digital marketer to help you out.

24/7 direct support

Having website or email issues? Things are quite working the way they should?By simply logging into your control panel you can access 24/7 support from the hosting provider. Get almost instant response and most issues are resolved within an hour. The support staff are used to dealing with amateurs to professionals. They will give you the guidance you need most of the time. If it is just way over your head you can call in the troops! (web developer or designer)

Easy to sign-up and manage

Millions of fine folks like yourself manage their own website hosting solutions. It isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Hosting companies are constantly updating their websites to be more user friendly. You can usually live chat, call or do both just about anytime of the day. There is always someone available to help you out if needed.

Unlimited email accounts

Do you really know what level of performance you are getting for your website hosting? It can be hard to tell for sure when you are not dealing directly with the source. Maybe your website is slow? You can eliminate one of the possibilities by upgrading your hosting package. Or maybe, just maybe, hosting isn’t the culprit! A poorly designed website won’t be fast even on a Pro or Premium package. So you want email addresses for everyone in the organization? Go ahead and create them at will! No extra charge for those when you are in control.

Bizolver and WordPress recommend BlueHost

For hosting your website Bizolver highly recommends you choose BlueHost to host .COM domains built on the WordPress platform. BlueHost is a premium hosting company and you will greatly benefit from hosting your website there. Due to a self-controlled hosting option, Bizolver does not markup your monthly hosting costs and you rarely have to do anything at all. Simply provide Bizolver with login details and we take care of just about everything aside from billing. We strongly recommend you choose the PRO option. With this option, you get a free SSL certificate and additional SPAM protection. It is well worth it! These are the types of things Google is looking for which directly affects your website SEO ranking.

Click the BlueHost logo below and sign up for the WordPress hosting that is recommended by WordPress and Bizolver!


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