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The Bizolver Digital Marketing Report and Debrief provide a clear insight and increased return on investment into your current digital marketing efforts!



Is your website working properly?

How well do you rank in Google & Alexa?

Where do you stand on Social Media?

How do you compare to your competition?

Bizolver Digital Marketing Reports are more than just a basic SEO report. These reports actually help you determine the quality of your website and digital marketing efforts. Its like a GPS system for managing your website and digital marketing efforts. Recommendations  are organized in priority order and the tests scored out of 10 with colour coding guidance.

The digital marketing reports include a 30 point check-up on your online performance. With over 30 tests that scan your online presence you get a solid insight into the stats that matter. But don’t worry its all very neatly packaged in a PDF document delivered to your email. The reports are very easy to make sense of and clearly show where you stand online.

We provide training on how to understand and get the most out of the digital marketing reports. Plus, with every report there is always a live person ready to go through the areas you might not fully understand. The digital marketing reports are available as a single purchase, bi-annual contracts, or yearly contracts.

Get a fully detailed professional digital marketing report with results from over 30 different website analysis tests! Plus up to 2 hour debrief per report scheduled at your convenience.

Start making fact-based smart decisions about your digital marketing efforts!

The Bizolver Digital Marketing Report consists of over 30 different tests on the various components of your website marketing strategy. Our system scans your online presence including your website and select social media networks. It also runs a comparison analysis of your competition to give you an idea of where you stand in search engine rankings. The website analysis and report includes results from Google Search Rankings, Alexa Popularity Rankings, Social Media Rankings, Competitor Analysis, Website Technology Quality and other key performance indicators. It is more than just a SEO score report, this digital marketing analysis is a guide to your digital marketing success!

Get the guidance you need to make the most of your online investments!

The Bizolver Digital Marketing Report One-On-One Debrief is a 2 hour session where we review the report and website analysis together.  During the debrief you will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity on various aspects of the report and the steps needed to improve your website marketing. It is a great way to learn how SEO and your website work together to provide results. The average length of a debrief is about 60 minutes per website plus an additional 60 minutes is allocated for questions and coaching on your digital marketing strategy. This would be a monthly scheduled session at your convenience for any of the monthly contracts (6 or 12 month terms).

Digital Marketing Report Client Testimonials

“The Bizolver Digital Marketing Reports have been like a candle in the dark. Even though I consider myself quite technically savvy, these reports brought my understanding of what is really important when it comes to digital marketing strategies to a whole new level. My clients and I are now getting much more mileage out of the content I create to promote their businesses online. Bizolver helps my business get the qualified leads it needs. Overall the business solutions I get from Bizolver are the best business investments I’ve ever made. Bizolver gets me results that pay the bills. Highly recommended!” Jessy Forsyth

“I had no idea what Search Engine Optimization really was until now. I highly recommend Bizolver Digital Marketing Reports to any company that wants a new website or needs to improve the performance of their internet marketing campaign. I am currently on my second year of reports and have seen nothing but constant growth!” Yann Boudreau

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