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What is internet, or digital marketing?
Digital marketing is basically the efforts you put forward to get attention for your website and the various strategies you engage to promote it. This can be done in several ways but not all them are equally effective. Some of the more potent forms of digital marketing on the internet are social media, search engine optimization, and paid online ads. These efforts are usually outlined in detail in your digital marketing strategy.
What is SEO?
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is when we use current strategies and methods to get the best search engine results. The goal is to feature our website in the top results on the first page of search engines. Some of the more common search engines are Google, Baidu, Yahoo, and Bing. Businesses and blogs usually try to perfect their SEO strategy on the ongoing basis. SEO is all about optimizing your website to cater to the standards of search engines. SEO success is defined by getting your website link on the first page of search engines for keywords your prospects are searching for.
What is a search engine?
A search engine is basically a search box you would find on a website. It is an online tool often used to find website links to relevant content a searcher is looking for. The most popular search engine is Google which claims about 85% of the market share. The second most popular search engine is YouTube. Although it only searches for videos within its own website it is still a search engine.
What is an internet, or digital marketing strategy?
An internet, or digital marketing strategy is an essential part of the overall online business approach. It is both the online plan and the execution of that plan. This step should be taken first, especially before construction of your website. It defines your online business goals. It clearly lays out how you will achieve your online business goals online. Once an internet, or digital marketing strategy is established it can be either self-managed or outsourced to professionals.
Are there steps to start a basic internet, or digital marketing strategy?

Some basic steps to getting started with a basic internet marketing strategy usually consist of:

  • a clear and concise understanding of what your overall business goals are
  • a confident understanding of the current state of affairs of your business
  • the creation and updating of an internet marketing strategy plan
  • acquiring the tools and resources to achieve the business goals
  • managing the process to completion of goals.
What is a Professional Business or Corporate Website?
The business or corporate website are basically the same thing and is a means to a goal, it’s simply a tool. It is the tool that enables your business to get connected to your target market in a strong and positive way. It is your online corporate headquarters. It is where you establish your online presence and keeping the momentum going forward when coupled with internet marketing will keep your presence known. One of the many key things to keep in mind about a business website is that the website alone does not offer much ROI, if any. I will be writing articles in the future that focus on digital marketing concepts and strategies that drive ROI to your online campaigns.
How Much Does a Professional Corporate or Business Website Typically Cost?

A corporate or business website is much different than other types of websites such as personal blogs, social media networks, directories, personal websites, etc. There are two main types of corporate websites; business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). A corporate website should have some focus on ROI whether it be direct profitability or indirect profitability. Although it is a great online tool, it is not the entire online business solution.

On average, a basic but professional corporate website build ranges from $500 – $5,000. This is based on the time its ready to go live and depending on many factors. Some factors are the amount of pages, content like digital videos and photo galleries, databases for products or memberships, customizations and integrations to name a few. Consider this; on average, a twenty to thirty page website with all content inserted and ready to go will take an experienced developer to properly develop the website approximately forty to sixty hours. This includes some basic website strategic planning before any development begins and any revisions requested by the client before going live.


What is digital media?

Digital media includes different mediums, platforms, and tools used to communicate information to the mass media. Some different examples of digital media are videos, photos, graphic design, and audio files. All of these have been digitized and can be displayed on various digital media platforms.  Digital media platforms include websites, LED billboards, projections, and pretty much anywhere you see a digital screen.

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